Where in Italy should the first Amberlair be located? Our #boholovers tell all! Part 1

You voted for Italy as the location of the world’s first crowdsourced boutique hotel – and we must confess, we are absolutely delighted with the choice. Italy is a stunning part of the world with so much to discover – and if you read one of our previous manifestos for the destination, you will understand why. 

But now the real work begins, and this is where it gets exciting (really exciting!). Where in Italy should the first Amberlair be located? We asked some of our #boholovers (aka boutique hotel lovers) and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus… because Italy is that amazing. Shall we hear what they have to say? We look forward to your thoughts, so do leave a comment, or share your ideas on our profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Molly Schoneveld in Capri, Italy - Where in Italy

Molly Schoneveld in Capri

Molly Schoneveld of This Yuppie Life, from Los Angeles says, “I wish I visited Italy regularly! My husband and I last visited two years ago, and it was one of our favorite vacations. We loved Sorrento/Capri equally as much as we loved Tuscany, but for very different reasons. In Sorrento, we stayed in one of my favorite hotels ever—the Bellevue Syrene, that felt like it was out of a movie. We splurged on a private boat tour around Capri and it was heaven. In Tuscany, we fell in love with the generous people and the laid back lifestyle. We drank wine with a winemaker in Chianti, who didn’t speak a world of English (or us, Italian) but we managed to understand each other perfectly. I would love to see the first Amberlair hotel in Florence. We weren’t wowed by the hotel options there or the luxury boutique hotel we chose to make our home base. In terms of special features, since we are talking Italy, the one thing I would demand is a concierge who truly understands hospitality and can offer suggestions that are not tourist traps—we never had that in any Italian hotel—even a 5-star hotel in Rome.” Discover Molly’s blog, right here.

Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel - Nancy of Luxe Travel Family in Venice, Italy

Nancy Besharah, Luxe Travel Family

Nancy Besharah, of Luxe Travel Family visits Italy as often as possible. According to her, “there is a richness to the culture, history, geography, language, and architecture that leaves (her) wanting more Italy in my life. Traditions like aperitivo – happy hour but better – followed me home, and Italian words like meloni, ciao, and buona sera are part of the family vocabulary. Northern Italy is home to favourite places including Venice, Milano and the Dolomites. Venice is unique and spectacular – there is nothing like it. Milano offers everything you could ask for in an urban setting, including proximity to the magnificent Dolomites, my vote for the location of the first Amberlair property. If I could ask for anything in the Amberlair hotel, it would be a pool – fun for the entire family.” Discover Nancy’s blog, right here.

Suze, The Luxury Columnist - Where in Italy

Suze, The Luxury Columnist at Amalfi Coast

Suze, of the Luxury Columnist has been to Italy twice this year – to Rome and to the Amalfi Coast. ‘There are so many great things about Italy, the cuisine, the architecture and the outgoing people.  I particularly like the Italian lakes, the scenery is beautiful and there are some amazing restaurants overlooking the water. The Amalfi Coast would be a good choice for the first Amberlair hotel. Whilst there are many stunning traditional hotels, a boutique hotel with a contemporary feel would definitely add something new to the mix. The possibility to check in online and to choose from a range of complimentary options such as music playing in your room and type of pillow would be fantastic for the first Amberlair hotel.” Discover Suze’s blog, right here.

Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel Jayne Girl Tweets World

Jayne, Girl Tweets World

Jayne, of Girl Tweets World, the Londoner who moved to Sydney used to visit Italy all the time as a child, as her Dad loved driving there and them kids enjoyed eating all the food. She said, ‘Italian is still my favourite cuisine and I love how each region has it’s own speciality. I think the first Amberlair property should be in Florence – a city of magnificent art and architecture – on the doorstep of the vineyards of Tuscany. The first Amberlair hotel should be smart. I like places that pay attention to details: plug sockets near the bed or lighting turned off via a master switch. It should also have free wi-fi and if possible, (something which I saw recently at a hotel in Thailand), a smart phone loaded up with data and local guides to help guests navigate the city.” Discover Jayne’s blog, right here.

Becky, Global Grasshopper - Where in Italy

Becky, Global Grasshopper

Becky & Graham, of Global Grasshopper have visited Italy many times over the years. “The food, the people, the beautiful natural scenery, the cosmopolitan cities, and, of course, the weather, all make it one of the best travel destinations in the world! Lake Garda is one of our favourite places to visit in Italy. Located in northern Italy, about half-way between Brescia and Verona, and between Venice and Milan – it’s one of the most romantic destinations in Italy, if not Europe. Where can you go wrong with a beautiful mountain lake flanked by impossibly gorgeous villages? Each of the lake-side communities are very different and range from a historic town dominated by a medieval castle to a picturesque village brimming with flowers and pastel-coloured houses. Perfection! The first Amberlair hotel should be in the Lakes because it’s easily one of the most idyllic places to visit in the country, very peaceful and chic too! One of the things we would ‘demand’, in terms of special features would be floor to ceiling glass windows in each of the rooms so you can make the most of Italy’s truly stunning natural scenery!” Discover Becky and Gray’s website, right here.

So the question we ask you is… what do you think of our #boholovers suggestions? Where would you like the first Amberlair to be located?

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  1. VoyageBooker
    VoyageBooker says:

    Hey, why not to think about the magnificent Garda Lake and little nice towns around it? The lake view scenery, activities and tourist flow is guarantied.


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