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The world’s first crowdsourced boutique hotel

The first one will be in Italy

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Calling all #boholovers

Join us, boutique hotel lovers !

Boutique Hotels for people who don’t like Hotels

You are invited to join a revolution in luxury travel. The team behind Amberlair has a passion for travel and for small, independent hotels with a strong sense of place
– and we believe we share that with many of you.

So, in creating Amberlair, we are rejecting the conventional and boring rules that lead to cookie-cutter hotels cloned in every city from Berlin to Beijing. Every part of the boutique hotel will be crowdsourced, from the location to the pillowcases.
And this is where you come in…

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I feel really excited about Amberlair.
It’s a hotel for the people, by the people and it’s going to revolutionize
the way hotels are built and conceptualized.

Getting Involved

Be part of Amberlair

Submit a Property

We are seeking a location with character, and a building with history or a suitable piece of land available for development – the more details, the better.

Vote on Your Favorite

Our shortlist of potential locations for the first Amberlair boutique hotel are announced. You are invited to make the final decision on where to open.

The Winning Location

The member of our crowdsourcing community who submitted the winning Amberlair location will win our contest to become a VIP guest.

Become an Amberlair Partner

Whether you are an inspired interior designer or a supplier of local artisan produce, and are interested in forming a partnership, please contact us.

Become an Amberlair Ambassador

We are looking for influential advocates who share our philosophy and can promote the Amberlair concept on social media and elsewhere.

Stay at Amberlair

Be among the first to stay at the pioneering Amberlair boutique hotel. Sign up to be eligible for priority booking opportunities at the first location.


Amberlair is a fascinating concept.
I’ll be curious to see how so many opinions from so many people
can come together to create a cohesive project.
If they pull it off, it could very well change the hospitality industry.

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