The World’s first Boutique Hotel
where the guest is involved from day one

Boutique hotels with a reverse approach: Create an audience first, let our future guests have a say, and then comes the hotel. The Amberlair concept has the guest experience at its heart and we firmly believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way hotels are built, designed and operated.

Our community has chosen
the location is Salento, the heel of Italy.

Our community of backers – who we dearly address as #boholovers, meaning boutique hotel lovers – are involved from day one, both creatively and financially. Even our name was crowdsourced, because hundred minds work better than one.

And guess what? Our community has also chosen the location of the first Amberlair in Italy. With the help of our community, we are going to develop a historic villa in Salento, and to turn it into the perfect boutique hotel.

Boutique Hotel Lover Blog

I feel really excited about Amberlair.
It’s a hotel for the people, by the people and it’s going to revolutionize
the way hotels are built and conceptualized

Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel Puglia Background

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