Where in Italy should the first Amberlair be located? Our #boholovers tell all! Part 3

You voted for Italy as the location of the world’s first crowdsourced boutique hotel – and we must confess, we are absolutely delighted with the choice. Italy is a stunning part of the world with so much to discover – and if you read one of our previous manifestos for the destination, you will understand why. 

But now the real work begins, and this is where it gets exciting (really exciting!). Where in Italy should the first Amberlair be located? We asked some of our #boholovers (aka boutique hotel lovers) and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus… because Italy is that amazing. Shall we hear what they have to say? We look forward to your thoughts, so do leave a comment, or share your ideas on our profiles on TwitterFacebook and Instagram!

Read part 1 and part 2 of this series and find out where else in Italy our #boholovers would like us to go!


“Italy is easily one of my favorite destinations thanks to the incredible diversity of experiences available there. From a laid-back, Mediterranean vibe in the south to the arts and culture capitals of the north, there seems to be no end to activities. My favorite region is Bologna and the surrounding towns and villages that make it a fun and delicious part of Italy. Called the stomach of the country, some of those classic Italian dishes we all know and love originated from this region and to discover quiet little trattorias serving up some of the best food in the art is a personal treat.

My demand of any new hotel isn’t just free WiFi, but free AND fast WiFi. We’re all overly connected today and all of us, no matter our budgets, demand on WiFi when we travel to stay in touch not only with work but loved ones at home. This should be a basic item at any hotel, especially one that was created via technology.” – Matthew, Land Lopers

Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel - Meet travel blogger Matt Long of Land Lopers #boholover

Matt, Land Lopers

“While I wouldn’t call it regularly, Italy is probably the European country I’ve been to the most. I’ve been four times in the past ten years and I think what makes it so special is how every place is different. It’s incredible, driving just a few hours takes you to an entirely different world. It’s such a magical place. Oh, and did I mention the spritzs? That might be my number one favorite thing!

I’m obsessed with the Prosecco wine region – just an hour north of Venice, which I also adore. One hour away takes you from one of the most touristy regions in Italy to one of the least. You can visit some of the most incredible restaurants and charming B&Bs. 

Katie, Traveling Panties

I think the first Amberlair hotel should be in Cinque Terre, because I need another reason to go back – another one of my favorite regions.

The one thing I would ‘demand’ for the first Amberlair hotel would depend on where it ends up being located but technology is a bit behind at many hotels in italy. I would say having state of the art technology like high powered hairdryers, light up makeup mirrors, and plenty of plugs (adapters are a bonus).” – Katie, Traveling Panties.

Anna Parker sailing

Anna, Penelope & Parker’s travels

“I love Italy – such a lot of coastline, the mozzarella is actually made with buffalo milk (unlike in the UK), in Venice the prosecco is cheaper than water, places like Sardinia and Lake Garda always deliver perfect champagne sailing conditions and the country is just dripping with gorgeous scenery, wine regions, culture and architecture and the language is beautiful (not that I can speak it)! I have loved my work trips over there too – ‘but first coffee’ is a phrase I am familiar with, more time drinking espresso than getting work done! My favourite place so far is actually Venice out of season – because it is the sort of place I could visit time and again and still discover something new just by following my nose. I also particularly like that there are no cars, everything is by boat and that just a short ride away are some gorgeous islands without the hustle and bustle.

I haven’t been to Puglia or to Tuscany, but from what I have seen these are some of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of the country and lucky to have so much choice of fine wine and fantastic dining. Everything I’ve read about the concept and knowing all the people that have already shown interest, this part of Italy just feels like it fits well! I can’t pin point one thing I really want the AmberLair to have but I sincerely hope that it makes the most of its location in a sympathetic way – I’m thinking rustic chic, quiet terraces, an infinity edge pool and plenty of private space out of doors to enjoy the view and soak up the sun. Let me know when I can book my flights…” Anna, Penelope & Parker’s travels

Victoria, Thrive Communications

“Italia! Bravissimo! I can’t wait to visit Amberlair’s first outpost. Italy is such a tonic. Close enough for a weekend away, yet a technicolor world away from grey old London. I have had the privilege of visiting Italy many times for work and play – from Venice and Milan, to Florence, Portofino, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. Flight schedules are vitally important and I do study them before deciding where to go. You need a flight that arrives and departs at a reasonable hour to make the most of any visit. I would love to explore more of the South East of Italy around Bari and Brindisi, purely as they are new to me and I hear such great things. I would love my Amberlair to have a view and also be close enough in any village or town for me to wander slowly down to have a coffee with the locals and people watch.” Victoria Legg, Thrive Communications

Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel - Berlin Fashion Week #BoHoLover: Meet Nyssa of @TheCultureur

Nyssa, The Cultureur

“Who doesn’t love Italy? That’s completely a rhetorical question because I’d rather not meet the sole individual who doesn’t have a lasting affair with one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. I admit – I don’t visit as often as I’d like, but mostly because our world is so big and there are so many destinations I want to see for the first time before returning to tried and tested places. But I do try to get back every few years, if possible. I feel fortunate to have covered much of the country, from the picturesque Cinque Terre to the chic urbanscape of Milan. The food is otherworldly – incredibly delicious and flavorful and the people are beyond lovely and friendly.
I’m a big city girl so I love Rome, Florence, and Milan – the fashion, the architecture, the history, the culture, all of it. But I could never deny the beauty of the Tuscan countryside or the Amalfi Coast when I’m in the mood for the country’s natural wonders.
The first Amberlair hotel should be in one of the big cities because the true test of innovation is when it’s pitted against competitors in a saturated market and it still emerges as one of the winners. I think the idea of a crowdsourced luxury boutique hotel is fantastic, and one that will be received well from the modern luxury traveler. One thing that Amberlair must have to stand out in the sea of luxury hotels is a heightened awareness and implementation of technology, from the pre-arrival process to check-out. This goes beyond the use of social media and the latest gadgets – the goal should be a seamless modern experience, addressing needs before they even arise.” Nyssa, The Cultureur

So the question we ask you is… what do you think of our #boholovers suggestions? Where would you like the first Amberlair to be located?

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