#BoHoLover: Meet Gemma & Craig of Two Scots Abroad @TwoScotsAbroad

We asked Gemma and Craig, Two Scots Abroad on a 18  months trip around the world,  to share their ideas on hotels and Amberlair. They are #BohoLovers, Boutique Hotel Lovers – just like us!


Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel Gemma Craig Two Scots Abroad Couple



How do you choose a hotel when you travel?

We usually go for accommodation with a bit of edge, one that screams unique! The location is not necessarily a number one priority as we often try to seek out alternative areas away from the centre. Naturally being a blogger, accommodation with strong Wi-Fi is a given!



If you had to choose 3, which were the most special hotels you have ever stayed at? 

La Calzada del Santo in Santa Marta, Colombia, was an absolute dream!
The owner and staff were so warm and welcoming, it really felt like you were staying at an aunt’s really plush hotel! There was a rooftop pool overlooking the city, hammocks, a colourful breakfast fit for a king, and the rooms had exposed brick. I just adored everything about the place.


In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we ended up extended our stay to five nights because of the Frangipani Living Arts Hotel & Spa. The Frangipani Living Arts Hotel & Spa had two swimming pools, two bars and a comfy bed. The hotel was calm, just what we needed after a manic eight days in Vietnam.


Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel - Saint Cecilia - #BoHoLover: Meet Gemma & Craig of @TwoScotsAbroad

Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas is on Gemma’s and Craig’s bucket list!


Although not a boutique hotel, one of the more killer kitsch stays was in an Airstream in Austin!
The airstream was just really cool. The big silver ex-food truck was kitted out in vintage décor and was really cute. I felt like we were in keeping with the Keep Austin Weird vibes staying there!



If you had your own boutique hotel, what 3 things would you make sure existed?

Stand out décor; if I were running a boutique hotel I would want it to feel different. The staff would have to be friendly and helpful, this is what makes customers return. Good music! Music is such a large part of our life, whether that’s a fun playlist or live bands for entertainment, music would be integral.


Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel #BoHoLover: Meet Gemma & Craig of @TwoScotsAbroad



Name 3 things you loved in hotels you stayed in before…

Swimming pools, especially in hot climates! Local artwork, La Calzada del Santo had this nailed down; they even had crafty hotel room key chains! Cleanliness, you just can’t skimp on clean accommodation.



Name 3 things you wouldn’t want to experience in a hotel ever again.

Noisy hotels, work being carried out or noisy neighbours. Dirtiness, rooms not being cleaned after a couple of days of staying in them (beach = sand, treks = dirt!) Disappointing breakfasts.


Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel - #BoHoLover: Meet Gemma & Craig of @TwoScotsAbroad



How do you feel about the Amberlair concept?

I love it! I actually discovered Amberlair on Twitter and jumped on the website straight away to contact Kristin and Marcus. I wanted to give them an e-high five and ask to promote the cause. I enjoy the community feel to Amberlair and how everyone can be a stakeholder!



Where are you off to next?

I’m typing from a rainy Vancouver at present. We’ll be here until January then we head to the States and Central America before we hit the European leg (in March) of our 18-month career break. In B.C, snow is now lying on the mountains, it’s very exciting!


Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel - #BoHoLover: Meet Gemma & Craig of @TwoScotsAbroad



Gemma and Craig have packed up their past lives as teacher and tradesman to travel the world for 18 months. You can follow their adventure on their Two Scots Abroad blog, as well as on InstagramTwitterFacebook and Pinterest.


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