#BoHoLover: Meet Marianna of Weltenbummler Mag @laWeltenbummler

We have asked travel blogger Marianna Hillmer of Weltenbummler Mag, to share her thoughts with us about her love for hotels, and Amberlair, of course. And before you ask, a #BohoLover is a Boutique Hotel lover… just like us!


Amberlair Crowdsourced Crowdfunded Boutique Hotel - Meet Marianna of Weltenbummlermag #boholover



How do you choose a hotel when you travel?

I always try to find a charming place. It does not have to be a hotel, a Bed & Breakfast or nice apartment can be fine too. I love places where people pay attention to details, to give the place a unique and local character. In terms of finding those places I google, read a lot blogs, magazines and ask friends.



If you had to choose 3, which were the most special hotels you have ever stayed at?
The Singita Lebombo Lodge in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
The Amar Vilas Oberoi in Agra, India.
The Royal Mansour in Marrakesh, Morocco. But please do not ask me in which order ;)


Singita Lebombo Lodge, Kruger, South Africa. Marianna Hillmer from Weltenbummlermag

The Singita Lebombo Lodge, South Africa. Photo by hotel.



What made them so special?

They are perfect, because I could live there. It may sound exaggerating, but it is true. All three of them are small hotels, so they give you automatically a familiar and cosy atmosphere. They payed attention to every detail and the service was outstanding. For example: everybody knew my favorite drink after the first evening, and offered it for free. They respected that I hate air conditioning and did not turn it on over and over again after cleaning the room and even the driver to the airport knew it.



If you had your own boutique hotel, what 3 things would you make sure existed?

  1. A nice smell! I love Jasmine.
  2. A local touch through the design and interior, without being overwhelming but also reflecting my personal style.
  3. A warm welcome to give the guest the feeling having arrived at home. With a special treatment, like offering a homemade lemonade/drink or a piece of cake, complementary of course.



Name 3 things you loved in hotels you stayed in before…

  1. An extra outdoor shower
  2. An extra outdoor bed
  3. Local food


The Royal Mansour in Marrakesh, Morocco. Marianna Hillmer from Weltenbummlermag

The Royal Mansour in Marrakesh, Morocco.



Name 3 things you wouldn’t want to experience in a hotel ever again.

  1. Bad or even average level food.
  2. Cockroaches.
  3. Uncomfortable beds including blankets and pillows. This is really a very common problem in lots of hotels, even so-called luxury ones.


The Amar Vilas Oberoi in Agra, India. Marianna Hillmer from Weltenbummlermag

The Amar Vilas Oberoi in Agra, India. Photo by hotel.



How do you feel about the Amberlair concept?

I think it is really great, that everybody can be part of the project and watch a new hotel being build from the scratch. Never heard of something similar before. Amazing idea!



Where are you off to next?

On my way to France right now for a roadtrip through the Provence.



About Weltenbummler Mag

Marianna Hillmer from Weltenbummler Mag.

Marianna Hillmer from Weltenbummler Mag.



Marianna Hillmer is a 30-something Berlin-based globetrotter born in Hamburg with Greek roots. She loves to travel and to blog about her extended trips on Weltenbummler Mag. You can check out her adventures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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