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5 famous Italian vineyards: The best wine cellar is your stomach

To truly understand the wine produced in Italy, you have to travel to the Italian vineyards. You have to feel the earth in your fingers, taste a sample straight form the barrel—all the while laughing and lingering with your Italian host. This is the only way to experience Italian wine the way it was supposed to be experienced.

This is what we learned on our recent five-week trip to Italy. We had the chance to explore the wines of Italy, and get to know the winemakers behind this ancient elixir. Here are some of our favorite stops throughout our journey:



Emidio Pepe

We met Emidio Pepe and the whole family at his famous Italian vineyard in Abruzzo. Chiara, Emdios granddaughter, showed us around and explained us in detail how they produce their wine: organic, eco-friendly for 50 years.

They even produced “Bio” wine, the European certification for organic production, before the certificate was invented. They pick any grape by hand and still stamp the wine by foot! They only use glass coated containers (no steel) to keep the wine as it should be without any ingredients or bitter tastes.

If the harvest of any season is not satisfying, they don’t even produce wine. They just sell the grapes! They don’t want any bad wine production in their 50 year production history. Their wine cellar stills contains vintage bottles from the last 50 years. In 2014 they had their 50-year anniversary.




Casa Sola

Fattoria Casa Sola is a gem in the heart of Chianti Classico, spreading out over the hills with 30 hectares of vineyards and 40 hectares of olive groves. The surrounding property is serene and lush, and two houses, tucked between cyprus trees, allow guests to enjoy classic farmstay accommodations.

The land here has been producing vines since ancient times, and the Gambaro family operates Casa Sola with a sense of tradition, passion and dedication that surpasses most. It is a highlight on any agrotourism trip.




Le Filigare

Le Filigare is a stunning hamlet on a hill in Chianti that was built back in the 17th century. It is a perfect setting for thriving vineyards, with a landscape that caters to the specific needs of the vines. Here, they have a limited production of the best quality wine, grown on 11 hectares of land.

At Le Filigare, guests can stay at apartments and villas outfitted with traditional Tuscan elements. Taste the incredible wines while you’re here and be sure to take a tour of the winery.





Named after the original founders of this extraordinary estate, Avignonesi is defined by the Montepulciano terroir that gives the wine its rich, lively identity. The focus on the land and natural environment is reflected in the dedication of owner Virginie Saverys to biodynamic and organic farming of the vineyards.

It’s her philosophy that enjoying healthy wine that takes on the natural characteristics of the land where it’s grown is good for us and it’s good for the land. This is a unique and beautiful destination, and one of our favorites!




I Pastini

Located in the Itria Valley in Puglia, Italy, I Pastini uses traditional Italian winemaking techniques to produce some of the best white wines in the region. Genuine wine production is the philosophy here, with modern amenities to aid in the process.

Grapes are grown to perfection in this breezy valley, and the staff here are incredibly knowledgeable and expert wine connoisseurs. They lead guided tours around the beautiful vineyards where you can take in the stunning backdrop and sip the delicious wine.




What is your favorite Italian vineyard? And what makes it so special? We would love to hear back from you.


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