We even crowdsourced our name: Amberlair

The name for our Boutique Hotel project was crowdsourced through submission on the German crowdsourcing platform 12designer. We chose it because it is a perfect embodiment of our Boutique Hotel.


Amberlair design drafts


Amber is a fossilized resin that looks like a precious stone, each amber stone is entirely unique. A lair is a secret retreat that has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The combination of “Amber” and “Lair” is exactly what we are looking to create with our Boutique Hotel project.

The winner, an Italian designer named Mercedes said:

“A valuable and sought resin that contains fragments of life, leaves or insects. Each piece of amber is different from another as your hotel. I used the word ‘lair’ to convey a feeling of warmth, safety and originality.”

Thank you so much Mercedes for the brilliant idea!
Marcus and Kristin


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